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Please visit the following URL to obtain more information on how to contact the ITS Software Distribution Office.

The Software Distribution Office can only accept departmental account numbers. They cannot accept checks, credit cards, or cash.

ITS Software Distribution Office has been in operation since January, 1995. Our office provides a single, centralized point of contact where up-to-date information about all current software purchasing agreements may be obtained. Procedures for obtaining software will vary depending on the license agreement.

The Software Distribution Office’s goals are to:

  • Negotiate/maintain campus wide license agreements
  • Investigate new campus wide license agreements
  • Provide contract administration for campus wide license agreements
  • Provide a central point for receipt of software releases
  • Provide a central distribution point for campus wide license and software

Orders are fulfilled between 1 to 5 business days. Orders are processed on a first come first serve basis. You will be notified BY EMAIL when your order is ready for pickup.

From, select the Student Ordering or the Faculty/Staff Ordering link. This provides information about how to place your order.

Some products available through Software Distribution time out annually. For information on which products fall into this category link to the specific product pages located off of the Available Software page at You will need to obtain renewal information from the Software Distribution office in order to keep the software from expiring. Depending on the product, you may also need to pay a renewal license fee.

Visit for a list of available software. From that page you may link to pages containing more detailed information about each product. If the software you are interested in is NOT listed on this page then it is NOT currently available for distribution via ITS Software Distribution.

Shareware software applications are available at the UNC-CH Shareware Distribution web site, You may need to use your Onyen and password in order to download some of the software.