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Have you ever lost it?

Viruses happen. Hard drives crash. Data is lost.

You can’t predict it, but you can be prepared. ITS is offering a centralized backup solution for UNC-CH departments. This service is an efficient and reliable backup and recovery technology to protect your computer data.

  • Easy-to-use backup solution
  • 24/7/365 on-demand data retrieval
  • Low-cost way to protect data
  • Automatic backup of desktop or laptop (10 devices per account)
  • UNC signed BAA

Click here for a full list of features.

Price/License: University Departments Only
License: $84.00 per year; Departmental renewals will be automatically billed using the Customer Billing Management (CBM) system
UNC-CH has entered into an agreement with Microfocus (formerly Iron Mountain) to provide a remote backup solution using their Connected MX software. UNC-CH has agreed to purchase a minimum of 600 licenses for Windows and Apple based machines for all UNC-CH affiliates for University owned computers. This license is an annual license that runs from June 30 – July 1, billing is managed through the CBM system. 
  • Offers continuous, WAN-optimized, and secure endpoint data protection.
  • Enables information accessibility on any device by authorized users with support for Windows®, Apple, Android, iOS, and Web browsers.
  • Empowers admins with tools and real-time analytics to manage their Connected MX environment, end-user accounts, and endpoint information.
  • Delivers secure mobile information protection and access through encryption, granular data privileges, and federated authentication.
  • Delivers information control and management through policy “drift” compliance, policy-based protection, rule-based file sharing, and information access scoping policies.


  • Chrome 37, or later
  • Internet Explorer 11, or later
  • Firefox 32.02, or later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 7, or later

Operating System

  • Windows 7, or later
  • Mac OS X 10.9, or later


(Onyen and Password Required)

Connected MX Web Access Login Page

Please use <onyen> as the user account for first time installation and registration with the new Connected MX service.

If for some reason you inadvertently used another email address please download this file (HPE_Reset) unzip and run it as an administrator to reset the cached email account and restart the agent setup.

Installation Instructions

Manage Backups

Access Files

Migrate Data to a New Computer

User can contact their local support. Support technicians can email