Effective October 1, 2011, campus Remedy Licenses and Maintenance will be administered through Software Acquisition. Remedy Licenses and associated Maintenance will be ordered through Software Acquisition using the same process that campus currently uses to purchase software that is site-licensed. Software Acquisition will monitor your compliance with Users and Licenses so you won’t have to do so.

Software Acquisition will offer six line items for Remedy License and Maintenance. The pricing for a Remedy License includes the first year of Maintenance. The following items are available for order through ITP:

  • Remedy FTE Floating New User License $591.50
  • Remedy Student Floating New User License $147.88
  • Remedy Fixed License Annual Maintenance $76.00
  • Remedy FTE Floating License Annual Maintenance $105.00
  • Remedy Student Floating License Annual Maintenance $26.00

Purchasers will go to the IT Purchases System website which resides in Finance Central at https://epro.unc.edu/ to order the software license and maintenance. Every new license will be sold with Annual Maintenance. The University’s Remedy Annual Maintenance is renewed July 1 of each year and runs until June 30th of the next year. Contact the ITS Remedy Team to request additional information by sending an email to remedy-admin@unc.edu or by contacting the ITS Help Desk at 919-962-HELP.

When you want to add a new user, your Billing Group will follow this procedure:

  1. Group Data Administrator (GDA): Sends ticket to Remedy Admin to add a new user to their group
  2. Remedy Admin: Checks for compliance and ensures that Billing Group has an available license.
  3. Remedy Admin: If there is an available license, creates the new user account and closes ticket
  4.  Remedy Admin: If not, contact the customer by sending an email from the ticket and providing a link to the ordering site
  5. Remedy Admin: Assigns ticket to ITS-Software
  6. Software Acquisition: After the order is placed, processes order
  7. Software Acquisition: Sends ticket back to Remedy Admin once the purchase is in ITP
  8. Remedy Admin: Adds new user and closes ticket

If your Billing Group knows that you will need to buy a license before adding a new user and you place the order in ITP before creating a ticket to Remedy Admin, Software Acquisition and Remedy Admin will do the following:

  1. Software Acquisition: Process ITP order
  2. Software Acquisition: Create ticket to create the new user and send it to Remedy Admin
  3. Remedy Admin: Adds new user and emails both Software Acquisition and the GDA confirming the new user creation
  4. Remedy Admin: Closes ticket