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Platform & System Requirements
Additional Resources
Technical Support


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has acquired a campus wide license with Statistical Solutions for the nQuery Advisor software. The license is annual and is available to Faculty, Staff and Students.


nQuery Advisor is the industry standard for Sample Size and Power determination. Determination of the appropriate sample size is a crucial part of study design. If a study is too small it may produce inconclusive results. At the same time we cannot waste scarce resources on a study which is too large. nQuery Advisor® helps you find to the most efficient sample size.

Platform & System Requirements

Operating System: 98/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32Bit)
Minimum CPU:
80486 50Mhz
Minimum Memory:
Hard Disk Storage:
5 MB
VGA Graphics Card


nQuery Advisor® licenses for existing installations must be renewed annually. Licenses expire annually on September 30st. There will be a notice 30 days prior to expiration, software will not work once software expires. For new installations please complete steps 1 and 2, for renewals please complete step 2 only.

1. Download and install nQuery Advisor

(Onyen and Password Required)

2. Email software@unc.edu the following information to obtain an activation key.




Status: Faculty, Staff or Student

You may also run nQuery Advisor through the Research Computing’s Virtual Computing Lab (VCL). Click the following link for Getting Started on VCL.

Additional Resources

nQuery Advisor Version 7 User’s Guide

nQuery Advisor Video Tutorials

nQuery Advisor® FAQ

Technical Support

You may acquire Technical Assistance from the ITS Response Center by calling 962-HELP or by email help@unc.edu .